About Us

Hello! Our names are Marianne Tilley and Michael Vadla, and we are a local couple who are passionate about the environment and are promoting the use of a new innovation in carpet cleaning called encapsulation. We offer effective, friendly and cheap carpet cleaning to the local community!

Encapsulation utilises chemicals that surround each particle of dirt, crystallising it and making it repel other dirt. These crystallised particles are then easily removed by a vacuum cleaner. This effective process does not leave behind a sticky residue, whereas, traditional carpet cleaning methods would. This means your carpet will be left cleaner, brighter and softer for longer!
Encapsulation uses 90% less water than steam cleaning and works better with cold water, so energy is not wasted heating water. There is no waste water to dispose of and the chemicals are much safer to use around humans, animals and the environment.

At Eco-Green Carpet Cleaning, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At the end of our service, we inspect the carpets to ensure all areas have been covered and are looking clean and fresh!