Want your carpets cleaned at a low price and in a way that is environmentally friendly?

Eco-Green Carpet Cleaning is the choice for you! We offer encapsulation carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning at a price that is much cheaper than our major competitors.

Being a small business, we have no overhead and thus, can pass on the savings to you – the customer! We list our prices upfront so that you can see for yourself the value of our services.

Prices range from:
  2 rooms - $90
  3 rooms - $110
  4 rooms - $130

Adjacent hallways are free, rugs cost $10 - $20 depending on size, and stairs are approximately $2 per stair.

We also do upholstery cleaning:
  Fabric - $20 per seat
  Leather - $25 per seat

If you live more than 20km from the Figtree area, there is an addition surcharge of $5 to cover fuel costs.